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 Sleigh rides are in full swing!
The horses are in great shape and the trail is beautiful!

Call us at 459-5422 to book your ride down the trail in our winter wonderland!

The sleigh rides are offered by the Cartwheel Clydesdales

on the trail at Oakland Farm & Lodge.


  • Must reserve in advance by calling 506-459-5422 (NO email please)
    Payment is by cash only.  (Exact change is appreciated.)

  • There are two sleds available and each one can accommodate 20 adults.

  • For large groups the ride costs $8 for adults and $6 for children under 12 years old. Babies are free. (not walking yet)

  • For small groups (for example, a family of 4 or a couple) there is a minimum charge of $90.

  • Rides can be booked from mid-morning to early evening 7 days a week.

  • Due to allergies, we do not provide hay or straw on the seats.

  • We suggest you dress appropriately and bring along a blanket or old sleeping bag for additional warmth if needed.

  • The trail winds down through a woodlot and is nicely sheltered.

  • The ride lasts approximately 45 minutes.

            (The horses get longer rest periods on the trail as they do more rides.)

  • The lodge is also available for rental and the cost is separate from sleigh rides.  Please see Rental Rate tab for cost.


Please Note:

Every effort is made to make the sleigh rides as safe as possible, however it should be noted that caution should be exercised around the horses.

Taking a sleigh ride is at your own risk.