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Do you still offer sleigh rides?

No, unfortunately we are no longer offering this service.

What is the lodge capacity?

According to fire regulations, the lodge capacity is 80 people.

How many tables are there in the lodge? What size are they and how many people do they seat?

There are six - 3 foot by 5 foot pine tables that each seat 6 people.
There are three fold out banquet tables that are 32 inches by 6 feet and they each can seat 8 people.
There is one very large table - 4 feet by 8 feet that can open up to 4 feet by 12 feet.
There are two small tables - one is 18 by 30 inches and the other is 2 feet by 4 feet. Good for guest book or for gifts, etc.

Do you provide tablecloths?

No. We no longer provide tablecloths. Quite a few people prefer to rent or use recyclable ones in their choice of colour.

How many place settings do you have?

There are approximately 30 place settings (this includes dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, cutlery, drinking glasses, coffee mugs)

Do you have wine glasses?

No. We are sorry but it proved too difficult to maintain inventory. We recommend either using recyclable ones or renting glasses.

Do you have a projection screen and/or a projector?

We do have a screen but we do not provide a projector. There is also a white board available.

Do you have a coffee machine?

We have a commercial 3 carafe Bunn coffee maker. We supply filters if needed.

Do you recycle?

We have recycling bins out for all functions. Please empty all cans and bottles and remove the caps.

Do you provide garbage bags?

Yes, we provide 3-5 bags for each function in addition to what is in the two garbage containers.
Please ask if you think you will need more bags.

Do you allow dogs at the lodge?

You may bring along your dog but they must be on leash and under control at all times.
It is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure that other members of their group do not have any concerns related to their dog’s presence.

Is there a BBQ at the lodge?

There is a large BBQ shelter with a large Napoleon gas BBQ that is available to rent for $35 (propane and tax included). There is also a charcoal BBQ available for use. You can bring your own charcoal and starter fluid or we would be happy to provide it for you.

Is there a sound system at the lodge?

Yes, we have a CD stereo system with Bluetooth Wireless streaming. There is a speaker in each of the 2 rooms in the lodge.

Does the lodge have Wi-Fi?

Yes, there is Wi-Fi at the lodge and all the information is on a laminated sheet near the door in the kitchen area.

Do you allow the use of confetti?

No, I am sorry but we do not permit confetti of any kind (flower petals, rice, glitter, etc.) either inside or outside.

Do you still have a u-fish pond?

No, we stopped offering that service a few years ago.

Is the lodge air conditioned?

No, however there are two ceiling fans in both rooms.

May we have a fire outside at the lodge?

No, we are sorry but we do not permit any outdoor fires.